Exploring the Architectural Splendor of 9 Oxford University Libraries

Looking for the best Oxford libraries? As one of the most famous universities in the world, there are tonnes! But which Oxford College has the best library? Inevitably, the majority of my final year at Oxford was spent in Oxford libraries. So I made it my mission to explore as many of them as possible …
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The Unbelievable Tale of the Cocaine Bear: A Fascinating Account of Drugs, Wildlife, and Taxidermy

This has absolutely NO SPOILERS for the movie Cocaine Bear… The year is 1985. The sappy but well-intentioned charity ballad “We Are The World” is inescapable. Pastels and Patrick Nagel art prints are in fashion. And Miami Vice, the stylish cop show where Don Johnson gets suave while busting drug dealers, is the biggest thing […]
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Kris Marshall: Examining the Origin of False Doctor Who Reports

Legend has it, if you say ‘New Doctor Who’ in a mirror three times, Kris Marshall appears. The Death in Paradise star (who is starring in the Devon-set spin-off series Beyond Paradise on BBC One) has for many years been one of – if not the – top names whenever we hear there’s a Doctor […]
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Anime’s Influence on the Development of Assassin’s Creed III

Creed star and now director Michael B. Jordan says the latest installment in the franchise was heavily inspired by anime. “Appearing at IGN Fan Fest to promote Creed III alongside co-star Jonathan Majors, Michael B. Jordan shared that the film is majorly influenced by anime. Making his directorial debut with the sequel to 2018’s Creed II, Jordan noted that he wanted to make […]
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Exploring the Cast of Party Down: New Additions, Returning Actors, and Absentees

Everyone involved in the long-awaited Party Down season 3 experienced a moment in which they finally realized that this was happening … that Starz’ little-watched but much-loved comedy was really coming back to television after 12 years away. For Henry Pollard actor and producer Adam Scott (Severance), that moment arrived in fall of 2021 when […]
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Exploring the Themes of Sexuality and Transcription in Jen Beagin’s “Big Swiss”

WE LIVE IN an era preoccupied with trauma and sex; both have become problems we can’t seem to solve. Every day on Instagram, I encounter pastel-colored infographics encouraging me to enforce boundaries, unpack trauma, expel toxic relationships, and have more fulfilling sex. I’m beckoned to take a quiz to identify my attachment style. My personality […]
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Exploring the Theme of Love in Lalla Romano’s “A Silence Shared”

WORDS HAVE WEIGHT. Communication — and miscommunication — is why lovers part, friendships break down, families fracture. Yet however much we prize the importance of words, Lalla Romano’s 1957 novel Tetto Murato, newly translated by Brian Robert Moore as A Silence Shared (2023), gives us a deeper truth: what we don’t say can often hold more […]
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