December 2022

How to Write a Book in 8 Days

Divided into ten chapters, How to Write a Book In 8 Days explains the process of writing a book, right from the most basic level to the most advanced form. The book also goes on to mention the tough world of publishing and lists out in-detail steps on how to find a good publisher, a short but effective analysis of self-publishing, and other critical and hidden aspects of publishing in detail….

The Half-Life | SB Akshobhya | Book ReviewAkshobhya, an experienced game developer, and team up with series writer power up the Half-Life with the help of SB Akshobhya.The Half-Lifeciled | SB Akshobhya | Book ReviewAkshobhya, an experienced game developer, and team up with series writer power up the Half-Life with the help of SB Akshobhya.

Despite featuring a double murder mystery, the book is called half death and that raises a lot of questions in the mind of the reader and also serves as yet another reason to pick this book. The plot revolves around the sudden discovery of the murder of BPO employee Ankita whose deeply bruised dead body is found in the flat that comprises the base for four friends Ankita, Aniket, Suganya, and Jayesh….

Mornings with Monet is a story of how two people who are very different but eventually become friends get along during their first day of school.

The story of painter Claude Monet, this version is the children's version of the famous painter Claude Monet , at first his works were dismissed for the colors that he used. Claude was born in Paris France near Le Havre where he grew up.  He often painted the mists and moods of the Siene river, a very famous river, where he had his studio.  

Art dealers and collectors wanted to see as Monet sees.  He paints the river's colors and the air around the colors .  

The illustrations are beautiful and colorful for children of all ages.


written by Mary D

Planning My Holidays: A History of Booked Vacations

Contributors Pam Jenoff
We wrap up this year’s Holiday Author Blog series with Pam Jenoff, the bestselling author of numerous works of historical fiction. Her latest, CODE NAME SAPPHIRE, releases on February 7th and revolves around a woman who must rescue her cousin's family from a train bound for Auschwitz. For Pam, the holidays have always been about giving and receiving books. Her children are avid readers, so books are a very important part of their lives, especially during this time of year. Read on to find out which titles and genres appeal to them the most — and…

The stranger in the lifeboat is a story of how a young man from a small town in upstate New York became one of the most famous sailors in the world. He tells the story of how he came to be on a dangerous ocean voyage, how he faced danger and faced danger head-on, and how he came to be helpi

After an explosion from a very famous yacht called the vessel, 9 people make it to a lifeboat after three days they see a man floating in the water, not struggling just floating. they pick him up the  man claims he is the Lord.  During their long time on the lifeboat , they find out that material things were not worth it in the end.  They have many mishaps on this lifeboat and two people are eaten by sharks, the story is told by Benji a deckhandon the boat.

the Lord tells them he will only save them once they believe in him.

Out of the 9 survivors you find only one may have survived , Benji, a year later his notebook and raft are found by police chief in on the shores of Monserrat.

With all hope gone as people believed that he is the Lord and the Lord exsist they in turn met their death except Benji.


written by Mary D

The Sun Sets

by Fiona McFarlane Review The disappearance of a young boy anchors THE SUN WALKS DOWN, Fiona McFarlane’s poetic and multilayered account of life in a remote part of colonial Australia.
It’s September 1883, and six-year-old Denny Wallace’s mother has sent him out to gather eggs. A sudden dust storm descends, and the boy gets lost trying to walk home. The unexpected event stirs the small community of Fairly into action. People fan out across the arid, rocky Willochra Plain in search of the missing child. The crisis exposes the fault lines between husbands and wives, parents and children, struggling farmers and…